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My experience and qualifications in business and psychology allow me to offer coaching services with a focus on setting goals, hitting targets and getting results.

My passion and talent for coaching is supported by my understanding and utilisation of effective methods of motivation.

Check out my testimonials to see how I have helped others to build confidence and self-belief in order to fulfil their potential and obtain success.

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What is a personal development coach?

A personal development coach, sometimes referred to as a life coach, is a professional who creates and oversees strategies that help people achieve goals. Personal development coaches use psychological and behavioural insights to make recommendations for individuals striving to succeed in a certain area of life.

What does a personal development coach do?

Personal development coaches might specialise in a certain area, such as work-life or relationships and communication, or they might meet a variety of client needs. Regardless of their focus, personal development coaches meet with clients to discuss the obstacles they’re facing and their hopes for the future.

A personal development coach might ask questions that encourage clients to think of their issues from different perspectives or clarify their intentions for a coaching relationship.

What does a personal development coach do?
A personal development coach will also

A personal development coach will also:

  • Ask questions in order to guide you to an answer.
  • Encourage deep thoughts about your life currently and the changes you want to make.
  • Encourage you to challenge your thoughts by identifying inconsistencies.
  • Support you through difficult decisions.
  • Assist you with creating and following your personalised plan.
  • Help you to create strategies and reach your goals.

Why use a personal development coach?

The reasons might vary depending on life experience, different needs and aspects of life people want to work on. Someone might hire a personal development coach to improve their approach to:


Personal development coaches can help people plan careers, transition between jobs and improve how they present themselves professionally. They also might support improvements in someone’s current role by teaching productivity and task management skills.


Personal development coaches can encourage efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle. For instance, someone might seek help to maintain a consistent routine so they can sleep more, eat healthier and prioritise exercise.


Personal development coaches can provide advice on how to be more thoughtful and present when interacting with coworkers, family members, friends and acquaintances. Enhanced interpersonal skills result in clients feeling more connected and fulfilled within their communities.


A client might want to improve how they communicate as professionals, organisational leaders or family members. Personal development coaches can teach listening skills, how to share thoughts productively and positive body language.


Some personal development coaches focus on helping parents raise their children. They might review parenting philosophies, discipline strategies and how parents can share responsibilities.


Personal development coaches can either encourage clients to develop their creative abilities, or they might help established artists and creative professionals find fresh approaches to their work.

Finding purpose

Some people might feel their jobs don’t provide a clear sense of purpose. Personal development coaches help clients find activities or other professional opportunities they would find more meaningful and inspiring

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What can I gain from personal development coaching?

When the personal development coach and client have a shared vision for the future, the personal development coach’s expertise enables them to create a plan of action. The plan of action includes a series of smaller goals the client can take and long-term strategies to increase the likelihood of success. Throughout the personal development process, the coach can help the client resolve issues, remain motivated and find helpful resources.

Personal development coaches typically avoid telling a client exactly what to do. Instead, they guide the decision-making process so that, in the future, a client is better equipped to develop their own strategies for achieving goals.

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Is personal development coaching for me?

Personal development coaching can cover a range of issues and concerns so it’s important to remember this when seeking a coach, as confidence and rapport with your coach are essential.

Question mark

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you wish you had better communication skills?
  • Do you want to become more confident?
  • Do you want to be more motivated?
  • Do you need a specific skill to advance further in life?
  • Do you want to be happier?
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When is a good time to search for a coach?

For a personal development plan to help you, you need to feel ready to start making permanent changes and be dedicated to achieving them.

Personal development in a sense is similar to a spring clean: by evaluating aspects of the self and putting them in order of importance. A coach can be particularly valuable in helping you re-organise your thoughts, wants, and aspirations and put weight on them by providing an objective point of view.

Whether you have one skill you wish to target, or if there are several issues contributing to your concern, they can help you to devise an effective personal development plan.

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About Gary Kinsella

Personal Development Coach

Personal development coach with 10 years’ coaching experience. Proven ability to set goals and hit targets, individually and as a team leader.

Honours Degree in Business (Psychology). Certificate in Sport Psychology. Certificate in Life Coaching. Diploma in General Insurance. Passion for training and coaching.

Believer in lifelong learning and personal development. Keen interest in sport and motivation. Previous professional experience in banking and insurance.

What does a personal development coach do?


With Gary’s help, I was able to set goals, something I had never done before. He helped me develop new positive habits personally and professionally to reach their goals. He has a very friendly and open positive attitude and always made me feel empowered.

Stephen, Dublin


Gary has really helped me change my life. I didn’t have much direction despite wanting to do so many things for years but I kept putting them off because I didn’t have the time or motivation, Gary worked really closely with me to develop positive habits that have helped me achieve the goals I was only dreaming about! I’ve gained tools I can use daily to help me focus on what I want and how I can get them. Gary is a wonderful person to work with because he ultimately wants the absolute best for his clients and he is so passionate about getting you there, I could not recommend him enough!

Laura, Meath


Met with Gary on 3 occasions to look at my thinking around my overall career. He helped me identify my skills and how they could be transferred from my current job into a new sector. Had never really taken a step back to look at the overall picture but he asked the right questions to help me unlock my own thinking.

Keith, Wicklow

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